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Can't Wait to See Jonathan Demme's Second Neil Young Film

"Neil Young Truck Show" video clip"

Director Jonathan Demme was on hand at SXSW for the world premiere of his concert film, Neil Young Trunk Show. The film is an intimate look at Neil Young’s stage show, recorded in a small theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, on mostly hand-held cameras. “We did a home movie in a way,” said Demme to a Saturday afternoon crowd in Austin’s Paramount Theatre. “We did it all ourselves.”

The Oscar-award winning director (Silence Of The Lambs, Philadelphia) said the film was a “reaction” to his 2006 Neil Young concert doc Heart Of Gold. Whereas Heart Of Gold was a meticulous tangle of editing and forethought, Trunk Show was filmed on a whim, aiming to find truth and heart with a more spontaneous approach. Says Demme, “We didn’t plan anything. This was the easiest film in the world to make.” Over a dozen Young tracks were shot in high-definition and a few were given a more expressionist, grainy feel. A warts-and-all approach catches all the ephemera Young spread across the stage for this tour (telephones, a tiny guitar shop, a pirate flag), as well as the heating pipes, stage lights, wires, cameramen and industrial fans helping power the Tower Theatre gig. A look backstage even catches a doctor looking at one of Young’s troublesome fingernails.

The SXSW audience at the premiere applauded the film’s songs — especially the classic “Cinnamon Girl” and a 20-minute version of 2007’s “No Hidden Path.” When an audience member asked Demme what he envisions for a possible third movie in a Neil Young trilogy, he responded. “It’s gonna be outdoors… I could be so lucky.” link



Tulips and Triceps


Dutch IFBB Pro figure competitor Mascha Tieken, slipped away from Atlantic City to stop by the Shemuscle Gym for a photoshoot with me.

After the contest on Saturday, she will be visiting Los Angeles and then finishing up her trip at the Olympia in Las Vegas. It’s refreshing to see a figure competitor that is unapologetic about her muscle and vascularity.

The veins criss-crossing her stomach were insane. Between you and me, she would make a great bodybuilder too.




Maybe not a Gouda idea, but probably not Feta

As surprised as Borat was when every package in the dairy aisle was "cheese."












I was very surprised, visiting the Amsterdam festival in the city this weekend, athow much cheese the rest of the world eats. The Europeans are supposed to be so much healthier than we are, but they sure take the cheese in eating their dairy.

(the average Greek bodybuilder eats 60 pounds a year)

Windmills and cheese make the world go round

cheese, cheese, cheese..

Giant wheels of cheese.
Big as truck tires, and can roll right into your kitchen.

Maybe they know something we do not.

Maybe today I start my "only cheese" diet and see what happens.
Get ready world.

I hope I still fit in my windmill.


Strong woman, stronger glass

Gloria Cannitme, shown here in this 1952 file footage, was one of the last in a dying breed of glass holders at the Acme bulletproof glass factory in Detroit.
Giddy with excitement at the first sucessful testing, Gloria later went on to pursue a short but lucrative career in the new fire extiguisher lab in Tulsa where she also became a female wrestler.

 female bodybuilding, lori braun, strong women, female athletes,



The US Open returned again to Flushing Meadows in Queens with all the usual fanfare. Mayor Bloomberg, The O'Jays, tennis stars of the past, and the usual contingent of drunken preppies made themselves known on this gorgeous last day of August.

Photo Gallery US Open 2009

This location is special. It embraces the remaining artifacts from the 1969 World's Fair, the Manhattan skyline, the brand new Citi Field baseball stadium, endless outdoor elevated subway trains, and a fiery sunset.

It was a great night for the opening ceremonies.

I took my seat in the stands for the Venus Williams match next to a group of twenty-somethings who I don't even think knew they were at the event. Drinking as fast as they could, I knew it was just a matter of time before this party would be over, or all over me. Just as I predicted, in the next instant I could hear a waterfall of beer headed my way. Luckily, using my cat-like reactions, I popped up, grabbed my things and jumped  down a few rows narrowly missing a early evening shower of suds.

With this near miss behind me, literally, the rest of the evening was a delight. I watched Venus come back from an injury and using her tremendous raw power and skills battle back and win her match in a way only she can. In her interview at center court after the win she was asked how she managed such a comeback. Venus simply said "I'm tough, real tough."  I like that.  A woman who is a smart strong fighter and not afraid to tell the world. I hope she goes all the way.


The real meaning of 3GS

3G S stands for it's battery life...


The iCan'tPhone

The new I (can't) Phone.....
 I can't keep a charge
I can't use my  old case
I can't bring myself to pay for apps
I can't use my car charger
I can't  find time to return it
I can't stand it......



I've always had lots of hair. Long, big, sometimes crazy hair. And I've always played with it.

 Straight hair gallery











Wear it up, wear it down, braid it, and even cut it myself. (more than a few times)
But I've never changed its molecular structure...until now.

I dreamed that my hair would be more manageable and dry faster if it was straightened.
The mixture I used was made with formaldehyde.

Normally used in embalming fluid, equally good on your head.
I have to leave it in for 4 days.
It did straighten my hair, real can now poke your eye out.

I can't wear a hat or it may bend my hair permanently.

I won't go outside, it has an odor and feels weird. I am also scared that someone will call me formaldehead. Nobody else has seen it yet except my kitties.

I can't wait till tomorrow so I can finally wash it.
Was it a good idea?....we'll have to see.

Bad Lori Braun hair jokes:

"My hair is so straight I have to register it as a lethal weapon."

"My hair is so staight I am not allowed in Chelsea."


See Dick Run, Bike and Swim


Triathlons for children have become tremendously popular, drawing participants as young as 3 (who probably did not come up with the idea themselves).

Some races let children as young as 3 participate, using swim floats, bodybuilding, training wheels or even tricycles. “If you want to start a child when they are really young, understand they aren’t doing a whole lot,” said Ms. Osgood, who said that she considered age 8 or 10 a reasonable age to start.

A triathlon “combines three things kids like to do: swim, ride their bikes and run around,”

link to full article


Lost on my bike


All my friends live in my bed

A bed in which headboards and pillows face each other to create a continuous relaxing sleeping area for community minded neighbors and friends.



Avon calling


40 years on: Woodstock remembered

Watch this great video

Woodstock, one of the most important events in music history, marks its 40th anniversary this week.

Half a million revellers descended on the event to listen to some of the biggest stars of the time.

For many, Woodstock was not just a music festival but an attempt to make a social statement about peace and love when the United States was at war in Vietnam and suffering racial discord at home.

Anna Holligan speaks to one of the original performers to find out what it was like to be a part of it. (Watch video)


Lotsa Matzah

"In a effort to raise some dough for the rabbis arrested in the bribery/organ selling sting in Hoboken New Jersey last month, bakers created the worlds largest Matzah ball. Weighing in at over 200 lbs.,this gastronomic beauty has over 3 million calories and can feed a synagogue at passover.It's made from 1,000 eggs, 80 pounds of margarine and 200 pounds of matzah meal."

When I saw this I was immediately reminded of one of my first cooking adventures, trying to make the perfect batch of matzah balls. After spending hours trying to get them the perfect size, I put them in the boiling water. Little did I realize that they expand enormously in the water. The results were as you can imagine, big giant balls. My grandmother thought it was very funny."

The record for the world's biggest matzah ball was set in -- where else? -- New York today.

Weighing 267 pounds and made from 1,000 eggs, 80 pounds of margarine, 200 pounds of matzah meal, and 20 pounds of chicken base, the giant matzah ball easily set the Guinness record. The ball, which stood three feet high, was baked by Noah's Ark Original Deli in an oversized kitchen in New Jersey and then given a police escort to Manhattan where it was unveiled and then devoured by a waiting crowd.

Watch the video from NBC New York below:

View more news videos at:


mini Micheal moon walks on New York City Subway 

This guy was so cool. I had to take some video of him. I was on my way downtown to workout at a friend's gym. I took this video when MJ was still alive a few months back. I'm sure that this mimi Micheal is even more popular now. Never know what you are going to see on the NY subways.


Panda Cub Arrives!

We have a new addition to our panda collection at the San Diego Zoo. At 4:58 this morning, Bai Yun gave birth to a vigorous, squawking infant! The staff here is elated and is, as always, in awe of Bai Yun and her perfect maternal skills. Here’s video of the birth.

She had appeared more restless than usual in the last 24 hours, resting for shorter periods with intermittent nest building through the day and night. At about 2:45 this morning, she was observed leaning back and holding her feet. Regular changes of position become common at this stage of labor, and contractions were evident as the time went by. Bai Yun handled it all well, and staff agreed that this seemed like one of her easiest labors.

At 4:58 a.m., Bai Yun stood up and had a series of contractions while on all fours. With the last one, we suddenly heard the loud squawking we had all been anticipating. As Bai Yun turned around to gather up the cub, we all got a glimpse at a wriggling infant on the floor, crying loudly for attention. Bai Yun immediately attended to her newest offspring and spent the next half hour or so soothing it, cradling it in her arms and licking it. Panda Cam

More about baby Panda


Gathering of the Vibes was intense (in tents) 

40 years later, a little Woodstock rises. The names haven't changed, just the hair.

Gathering of the Vibes Saturday. 20,000 plus had a great time outside on the water in Bridgeport Ct, complete with Leon Helms, Bob Weir and muddy Wookies.

(Hiding in my little purple tent)

I love outside concert festivals, the music, the people, the fresh air, the vendors. I do hate the porta-potties. At the concert I saw people passed booze, passed joints, passed 50, passed penguins, passed Orcas, passed giant worms, and passed out.

At concerts I found out that if you give people enough time and drugs you can make anything glow.

The Dead lives on, and on and on...

Crazy photo gallery


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She is bigger then you think

  FARMINGDALE, N.Y. You would not have trouble coming up with reasons to be skeptical about Tiffara Steward’s prospects as a college basketball player. She’s all of 4-foot-6 and 90 pounds, too small to get on some amusement park rides, often handed the children’s menu at restaurants. She’s blind in her right eye, which has no cornea. She’s partly deaf. She was born three months premature, weighing 2 pounds 15 ounces. She has scoliosis, which left one leg shorter than the other. Some of her vertebrae didn’t develop properly. She had six operations by age 3. And in her blue jeans, black vest and Size 1 Air Jordans, bouncing a ball on the rubberized court where the Farmingdale State Rams play on Long Island, she could be mistaken for someone’s kid sister who managed to sneak into the gym.

Yet, throughout the Rams’ 18-10 season, fans were treated to the spectacle of this little blur hounding opposing ball handlers, hoisting up threes, running the point. Believed to be the shortest college basketball player, Steward, a 20-year-old junior, nonetheless was a starter and a co-captain of a team that made it to the Skyline Conference Championship (losing to Mount St. Mary College) and to the second round of the Eastern College Athletic Conference’s Division III tournament (Lehman College). Even in Farmingdale’s one game against a Division I team, an 85-25 dismantling by the Big East power Rutgers University, she hit a three-pointer — to a standing ovation in Rutgers’s gym. It’s almost impossible this time of year not to be sucked into America’s best sporting extravaganza, the pageant of endless surprises that is college basketball in March.

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Coast to coasters

Thrill to the world's tallest, fastest and longest rides

Roller coasters: You love them or hate them. But if you’re among the fanatics who worship the coaster gods, there’s an amazing worldwide assemblage of thrilling and chilling rides to choose from. Whether twisting, flying, looping or just plain speeding, last year coaster fans took more than 900 million rides in the United States alone. With more than 2,000 roller coasters worldwide, located on six out of the seven continents (Antarctica has no coasters to date), the thrill-ride phenomenon has been gaining momentum for years and is now better than ever.

(What, you expected me to be screaming?)

Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure

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