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The New Arms Race 

 Once I get something in my head to do, it kind of gets stuck there.

From pogo sticking, Easter egg hunting, vitamin collecting and bird calls, I try to be the best at everything I do and do not stop untill I am.

Now it is armwrestling. I've been training my left side furiously and here are the results.
Do not let the feminine attire fool you, as a lefty I have quite an advantage over most bodybuilders. Beware all you wrestlers. I am a Champ.

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Do not be fooled on April 1st

Only one of these is true. Answer coming later.

Very small eyelids

1. I legally changed my name to Live Very Big. LVB for short.

2. I was just voted one of the top ten hot dog judges in the state of New York. The perfect weiner should be able to be eaten in two bites.

3. The doctor told me today that my eyelids have atrophied to half normal size because I never sleep.

4. I am opening another amazon women training center on a small island in Lake Worth Florida. The coolest town on the East Coast.

5. I was just pulled out of an elevator by three firemen. I got stuck on the
6th floor for about 45 minutes. They are still here at my apartment coloring Easter eggs.


Ronnie Lane: April Fool 


Weight Training and Gym Addiction

By Andreas Cahling

When we think of addictions it usually has a negative connotation. How many addicts do you know? Usually taking a look in the mirror will reveal the first addict we know – ourselves. Let’s face it, most of us are addicted to various substances and things in life, some more easy to admit and acknowledge than others. Many of us become addicted to sugar at an early age and move on to becoming addicted to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as the years go by. And if we are not addicted to substances we might get addicted to certain activities like gambling, sex, fashion or spending time with certain people.

(I am addicted to working out and wearing ridulous outfits for photo shoots. Anything for a page view.)

I always knew that I did not feel well mentally or physically without satisfying my most deeply entrenched addiction. Without getting my mostly daily fix of exercise produced, known and unknown substances cascading through my biological system, my life would appear somewhat grey and depressing with life’s minor problems growing in size to intimidating proportions.

I started exercising with weights at age 12 and never stopped. Today at age 56 I find myself with the best motivator in the world for not missing out on my brief but intense visits to the gym. I am hopelessly addicted to the wellbeing produced by Bodybuilding and Weight Training. This is an addiction probably no rehab in the world could fix and neither would I like to get rid of this, in my mind, most positive addiction. I think we tend to underestimate the addictive properties of various substances produced in our bodies during exercise. I believe that they are on par with many powerful drugs in their addictive capacity. So here we have an opportunity to turn the phenomena of human addiction into something, which has a huge potential benefit for so many people on this earth.

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Femalemuscle talklive

I went to visit my friends in Red Hook Brooklyn. They just opened a lovely bar and restaurant. The phone rang and I was informed that it was a FM Talklive call from Stockholm Sweden. I decided to take the call from this tiny old phone booth.


From the 60's til 60 Shakey still shakin it

I went to see Neil Young's new film "Trunk Show" last night at The Sunshine Cinema in New York City.


Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia), who previously filmed Neil Young for Heart of Gold, once again captures Young’s musical and spiritual soul—this time during two shows at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania during the Chrome Dreams II tour. Young surrounds himself with his favorite instruments, played at whim, and a stage set filled with personal icons: a small-scale model of a guitar shop, a red phone and other items. The feeling on the stage is of a favorite place where Young is able to create his music exactly as he wants, supported by long-time touring band friends Ben Keith, Ralph Molina, Rick Rosas, Pegi Young and Anthony "Sweet Pea" Crawford, plus an onstage painter portrayed by Eric Johnson. There are delicately offered acoustic numbers like "Sad Movies" and "Mexico"; mesmerizing electric travelogues into the artist's psyche ("No Hidden Path"); searing, chaotic anthems including "Like a Hurricane" and "Cinnamon Girl"; and rarely performed pieces like "Kansas" and "Ambulance Blues" that provide glimpses of Young's less public persona.

In "Trunk Show," Young -- who also produced under his usual Bernard Shakey credit for his Shakey Pictures banner -- and Oscar-winning director Demme go for a much more stripped-down affair, covering a two-night stand at the Tower Theatre near Philadelphia during Young's 2007 tour supporting his album "Chrome Dreams II."

An extended jam on "No Hidden Path" recalls how Young has inspired hard-rocking bands from Nirvana and Pearl Jam to Sonic Youth and the Pixies with his guitar pyrotechnics.

From his musical origins with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young through his prolific solo career and numerous collaborations, Young's music has maintained an artistic integrity and emotional resonance matched by few other artists. Demme's latest doc is another worthy contribution to the artist's lifelong body of work. Official website


Get the taste and not the fat

 My new "Just Lick It Diet". Reduces caleries by 100 percent.

These St. Patrick's Day cupcakes are definetly lick worthy.


Stuff your cab, not your belly 


 Mayor Bloomberg, in his ongoing effort to help out New Yorkers with their daily lives, has decided that if we can fit four people in a cab why not six?, or eight?

To do this the Mayor is going to impose diet restrictions within the city. Similar to the smoking ban, restaurants will no longer be able to display "salt" at the tables or use it in their cooking process. "Salt causes water retention and bloating" the mayor was heard saying, "and puts alot of pressure on our cabbies to stuff four in at a time". It has been reported that further diet restrictions will soon follow and our beloved "lard" may be near the top of that list. "Our goal is to get everyone to a uniform five foot five and a hundred and twenty pounds. Then we can mandate at least six in a cab," a spokesman said. "We just don't have a plan yet for when the bodybuilders come to town."




Who will follow ME? 

 I was just reading how during his exile the now out-of -work talk show host Conan O'Brian has amassed over a half million followers on Twitter. Last Friday he decided to follow his first person and picked one at random sending the post "Sarah Killen, your life is about to change". Immediately after the message was sent the rural Michigan woman picked up followers at the rate of 150 a minute. Now she has over 20,000.

 I wonder who I can get to follow me? I do have alot to say. Hillary? Arnold? Neil Young? Any suggestions?

As soon as I find out how to do this, I will post it for all the bodybuilders to use. Soon we will have billions of followers and take over the world. That's what we are going to do!



Femalemuscle Rises to New Heights

In my continuing effort to promote female muscle throughout the universe, I had a chance to talk to a real astronaut, Charles O. Hobaught at the Arnold Sports Festival last week in Ohio. He was intrigued when I told him how concerned I was that there have not been any bodybuilder astronauts.

Space, I argued, may be the perfect environment in which to workout and achieve an ultimate symmetrical body. After a few quick phone calls I was invited to NASA (see photo below) to undergo training to see if I qualify to take a trip to the space station and test out my theory. Who knows? It may not be too far off when you too can have perfect Space Muscles.